World Info Pro Information and facts about countries

Information about countries

Android tablet based App providing up-to-date country specific information.

Latest facts and information about countries available in an easy way. The clearly presented information is based on reliable resources like the popular CIA World Fact Book, Wikipedia, the United States Naval Observatory (USNO), etc.

Most information presented in this application can be viewed off-line and be updated for free when Internet access is available.

It provides educational facts and figures available at your fingertips. A handy application when traveling, doing research, etc.

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Information categories



The "World Info Pro"-application contains information and facts organized in specific categories to allow fast and easy access to country specific details.

The categories available per country are:

  • Maps Providing an off-line available map of the country and a clear map of its location on this planet.An interactive map based on Google Map is available in case internet connection is available.
  • Facts covering up-to-date information derived from the popular CIA World Fact Book, including the categories Introduction, Geography, People & Society, Government, Economy, Energy, International organization participation, Communications, Transportation, Military and Transnational issues.
  • Demographic Overview, Population pyramid and  age structure per country based on the International DataBase from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Flag & National Anthem A clear picture and description of the national flag, including the possibility to listen to the national Anthem.
  • Views Includes annotated photos of most countries, an up-to-date view on the earth as seen from space, clearly showing day/night areas on earth, and a view of the moon.
  • Weather/Climate Up-to-date weather forecast of major cities per country. Also the average temperature, relative humidity, precipitation throughout the year are shown in clear graphics. Sun and moon position in the capital city of each country, including rise & set timing is presented in an easy way.
  • Internet Encyclopedia Direct references to the popular information sites of 'Wikipedia' and 'New World Encyclopedia'.

The countries available in the application are listed in sorted order, which can be based on one of the 60+ ranking criteria.

The list of countries can be configured to show the flag of the country, or a clear day/night indication is shown based on the local time of the capital city.

Several utilities are included in the "World Info Pro"-application. These utilities can be used off-line.

The following utilities are included in the App:

  • Currency converter. The exchange rates of 150+ currencies are available, for easy conversion calculations. When Internet connection is available, updating with latest exchange rate data can be done.
  • Weight and Measurements converter. The International System of Units (SI, or metric system) is not used in every country, making this utility a must have.
  • City distance calculator. The shortest distance between the capital cities of two countries can be calculated. Included in the presented calculation results is also the exact local time and the time differences between the two cities.
  • Moon calendar. Per country, the exact dates and timing of the primary moon phases are shown.
  • Calendar. Throughout the world, multiple calendar systems are in use. This utility provides easy conversion between different calendar systems, which includes a.o. the Greorgian, Julian, Coptic, Chinese, Islamic and other calenders systems. Besides that, several special dates (e.g. Chinese New Year, Easter sunday, Valentines day, etc.) are shown for the years 1900..2099.

Most information presented in this App is available off-line and can be updated for free in an easy way when Internet connection is available.

A "Lite" version of this application is available for free, intended for users to try-out the application before buying the "Pro" version.

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